Never Ending Writing….

Blog Post #5 😉

My essay about social media is far from being a completed final draft.  I plan on doing a lot of revision to it.  I have already written a second draft because my first one was not good academic writing.  My second draft I have completed is better.  I know that I have to add more specific examples instead of just general ones.  I also need to add a conclusion.  My thesis also needs revision because I include a quotation and that is not an original idea of my own that has formulated an argument.  I know after reading the critique letters of my classmates I will get more insight on how to make my essay stronger.

I read two essays that give great advise on revising essays.  These essays gave me so many new ways of how I can improve my essay even more.

I first read”The Maker’s Eye” by Donald M. Murray.   This essay gave advice on how to “rewrite or revise effectively”.  I always thought that once I wrote my first draft I considered the “job of writing to be done”(Murray).  Learning from “The Maker’s Eye” this was just the beginning.  I never knew what I should be looking for when I read over my draft.  Murray highlights that “the first thing writers look for in their drafts is information, next for meaning, ..audience, form, structure, development, dimension, and voice.” I do not think I have ever looked at my essay in these ways before.  I also think it was very interesting when he said, ” A piece of writing is never finished.” That kind of makes me nervous.  You can edit your paper for so long and it still may not be done.  Even the most perfect essay still has room for improvement. 

I then read “Simplicity” by William Zinsser.  This essay focused more on the “simplicity” and “clutter” of writing, which was very interesting.   I always thought you wanted very complex sentences and not simple ones.  “But the secret of good writing is to strip every sentences to its cleanest components” (Zinsser).  I think that in my essay I can make my sentences a lot more simple. I also clutter my writing.  When I revise my essay again I am definitely going to be looking on how I can change these things.

I loved how Zinsser ended his essay so I am going to do the same … “If you find that writing is hard, it’s because it is hard.  It’s one of the hardest things people do.”


~ by brturner on October 14, 2009.

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